Welcome to our page! We are so happy to have you here looking for gift ideas for your friends and family!

Our names are Josh and Melissa and we are a husband and wife team in all aspects of life – parents to two wonderful kids, travel adventurers and in putting together our blog Gifter Grid! This picture of us sums us up fairly well – Melissa will be the one you’ll hear from mostly and Josh will chime in every now and then.

Melissa loves DIY projects and shopping for the perfect gift, especially themed gifts that compliment one another. Josh is all about gifting through experiences and is a true believer that memories are the longest lasting gift anyone can receive. We both have a heart for supporting charities both that help their local communities and ones that aim to have a global impact. We will certainly share our thoughts on products, projects and places that we’ve experienced ourselves as well!

This is how Gifter Grid got started – all of these ideas in one easy to find place!

For each themed gift idea, you’ll find ideas of gifts of time through DIY gifts, related charitable causes and experiences, as well as nifty and unique gifts available for purchase online!

We hope you find Gifter Grid to be useful in your search for the perfect gift!

Happy giving, Melissa and Josh