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I bet you know someone who could use a cold refreshing beer, right about now! The gift ideas below are for the person who appreciates a finely crafted brew and for those that have an interest in making the perfect homemade beer to drink and share!

Gifts of Time

Make them Beer Peanut Brittle: A super fun way to combine the best things you get to have at a bar – beer and peanuts! Once you make some with this mix, then break the brittle into a stein or pint glass as a great way to gift this yummy snack! If you’d rather just purchase Beer Peanut Brittle, then click here!

Make them Beer Ice Cream: @Home Brew Academy has a great and easy DIY beer ice cream recipe that looks amazing and doesn’t require an ice cream maker. All you need is beer, salt, sugar, egg yolks and heavy whipping cream to mix together and freeze, then serve and eat … and say mmmMMMmmmm.Make them the Best Card They’ve Ever Received: Recycle a 6-pack container with spray paint or mod podge w/ beer themed scrapbook paper. Tape a card to the side or write on the box directly! If you’d rather purchase a a set, then click here to see the different cards/patterns that are available! Oh – and don’t forget the beer!

Gift one of these awesome DIY Beer-Themed Crafts: (check my Pinterest Board for more ideas):

Tangible Gifts

Beer Savers Silicone Rubber Bottle Cap: So I know this may be controversial to some, because why would you need to save beer if you are a beer fanatic. But trust me, this will ensure each drop is savored!
11 in 1 Beer Opener Credit Card Tool: Fits perfectly in your wallet to fix,  measure and drink on the go!
Tread Bracelet with Beer Opener: It’d be silly if they forgot the beer opener on this mega tool, which has screwdrivers, wrenches, and a sim card pick to name a few. I love that it’s FAA approved too! If you like this, then you should check out my Fix/Repair-Themed Gift Ideas post!

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener with Magnet Cap Catcher: Unique stainless steel bar tool gift set. Its rust proof and works both outdoors and indoors.

Dual Sided Pint Glass for Husband>Dad, Dad>Grandpa or Grandpa>Great-Grandpa: Allows up to 8 birth dates on each side with your choice of titles. This also has a double purpose in helping the beer-drinker remember birth dates!!
Beer Bottle Cooler Gift SetI like warm beer. Said no one ever.  A perfect way to keep a bottle chilled, especially for short hikes where you don’t want to lug a cooler around.

Beer Cap State Map: A great way to showcase beer from local pubs and breweries from your state! To get one of the entire USA click here and to get a World Map click here!
Pub Style Black and Tan Layering Tool: A different and dramatic way to serve and enjoy beer!

Beer-infused Foods! These make great gifts whether you make them a beer-themed meal or gift it directly to them to use in their own kitchen!

Gourmet Beer Can Chicken Roaster Rack: BBQ Roasting Holder for the grill, smoker or oven. Plus it’s dishwasher safe and has an extra deep drip pan (I made this once with another kit and it was so good, but made such a mess that the drip pan is a definite plus).

World’s first portable Draft Beer System: Improves the flavor and taste of ordinary canned, bottled and growler beer. Big enough to hold a growler!! Simply insert beer, pull forward tap, push back to top to experience your favorite craft style beer anywhere, in the way the brewer intended– fresh from the tap.

Gifts For the Home Brewer:

  • Homebrewer Recipe Journal: There are a ton of variables to factor when brewing the perfect beer and it helps to jot down the specifics of each batch if you hope to recreate a winning recipe!
  • Customized Beer Labels: Evermine has a great selection of templates to choose from and you can design your own labels from scratch as well!
  • Homebrewing Supplies: An extensive list of supplies that a home brewer utilizes – in case you ever hear the words “I just need a ___” or “Having a ___ would make this part so much easier”.

Gifts For the Person Wanting to Become a Home Brewer: For the person who wants to give home brewing a try, this starter kit from Brewery in a Box will help them through the trials and errors of making their first batch! You’ll also need a 4 to 5 gallon kettle and roughly 50 empty special 12oz beer bottles.

Gift for the Person Who Wants to Be a Home Brewer But Has Limited Space – Pico Beer Appliance: Freshly made beer right in their kitchen – how awesome of a gift is that?!
Gift for the Person Who Would Read This and Say – Just Buy Me The Beer: You know who. Get them their favorite beer – no frills – no bows. If you want to ‘glam’ it up then gift it with a homemade pretzel necklace for them to wear or with this extra large beer balloon and use the beer as a balloon weight. 😀


Gift of Experience

Visit a Local Brewery and Surprise Them with a Private Tour or do a Pub Crawl: Call ahead and speak with the owners to see if you can schedule in a short private tour. Sometimes you can score exclusive taste testing of new flavors in the works! Easily see if there is a beer tour, crawl, or tasting near your friend or in a city that they plan on traveling to at City Discovery!

Gift Tickets to the Annual Great American Beer Festival: Typically in early October, this ~3 day event is packed with beer tasting, food, networking with fellow brewers, classes, contests and a silent disco party area. Breweries can enter their beers to be judged by the festival’s Professional Judge Panel. Festival attendees can also sip the beer entered in the competition during the tasting sessions!

The Great Beer Expo: This beer tasting extravaganza showcases breweries from all over the world—more than 80 breweries in all! Perfect for the beer aficionados, beer lovers and the casual beer drinker the ability to taste popular and award-winning brews and to speak with the brewers responsible for creating some of the world’s most popular and award-winning brews. Attendees come out in record numbers to support all the local guys and are excited when they discover a new beer from a national or international brewery!

Extreme Experience: Annual Kaljakellunta – Beer Floating in Finland: Stay nearby in Vantaa or in the capital city Helsinki. This is an unofficial event and the dates each year are based on Facebook votes. The best thing about their page is how to order the ultimate beer-drinking floatable dinghy, which would be the ultimate souvenir to bring back home.

Extreme Experience of Pub Crawl Around The World: Type in “Beer” into City Discovery and you’ll get a megalist of results to sort through that has great beer pubs, breweries and tours A fun way to plan your next beer-buddy adventure!

Extreme Experience to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany: Definite bucket list item for beer enthusiasts! It usually kicks off in mid-September and each year millions of people partake. In 2016 – there were 5.6 million visitors!

Gifts of Charity

Have a Drink at The Oregon Public House in Portland, Oregon:  This is the first non-profit brewery in the world, where all profits after operating expenses and contingency savings go to charitable causes. There are a lot of options as Portland hosts more non-profit organizations per capita then any other city in America and so they feature six at a time that you direct your tab to!

…and For Kicks and Giggles


A one string Can-Jo!

Fidget Spinner Beer Opener – you knew they’d make one eventually!

How to ask for a beer in different languages

Check out the Cat Themed Gift Ideas Page if this shirt is perfect for someone you know!

A cruel gift to give someone who needs a beer…

…and as promised – BEER!!

(just click the pic – if you see one that catches your interest!)

The Elysian Space Dust IPA and Down to Earth would be a perfect beer to bring to a Solar Eclipse Party! Check out my Solar Eclipse Themed Gift Ideas Page for more fun gifts!

…are you still looking for more gift ideas?! Check out these great beer-themed  websites for more ideas!


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