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This page is all about the perfect gifts for those that have a special place in their hearts for black cats! This is an extension off my Cat Themed Gift Ideas Post, which you should definitely check out to get even more gift ideas for all cat lovers, which include DIY gifts, gifts of experiences and charitable causes to help out cats! Enjoy browsing through these and as always – simply click the pic to learn more or to save it for later!

Gift Ideas for Black Cats, DIY, crafts, experiences, presents, must haves

For the Coffee, Tea, Beer and Wine Drinkers: Black Cat Coffee/Espresso Beans and a Black Cat Coffee Mug or a Black Cat Tea Set! Perhapa a Black Cat Thermos to keep their beverage hot on the go!


For Those who Believe the Kitchen is the Heart of the Home: Black Cat Kitchen Bowls, Black Cat Salt & Pepper Shakers, Black Cat Drinking Glasses, Cat Pro Oven Mitts (no black cats, but just as awesome), Mercator Black Cat Carbon Knife, Black Cat Dish Scrubbers and for more black cat themed kitchen items click here.

For the Creative and Talented Crafters & DIY-ers: Black Cat Yarn Bowl (Check out yarn from!), Black Cat Buttons , black cat eye make-up guide or Transparent Watercolor Black Cat Vinyl Sticker. Click here for more black cat crafting supplies!


For Those That Love Filling their Home with Black Cats: Black Cat Pillow and Black Wooden Coasters, Black Cats Welcome Mat, Black Cat Door Stopper, Black Cat Bedding,


For Those That Love Art that Makes Them Smile: Click here for funny black cat themed art.


For those That Love to Read: Edgar Allen Poe Funny Black Cat Mug, Black Cat Book Themed Art, an entire book on the unique personalities of black cats “All Black Cats Are Not Alike”, Black Cat Metal Bookmarkers, and Black Cat Bookend.


For those That Have Had a Very Special Black Cat Cross the Rainbow Bridge: Sentimental Black Cat Ornament “Wish you had nine more”Handmade Sentimental Ornament (isn’t black cat themed, but is one of my favorite mementos that I had to share) and Handmade Black Cat Bracelet.

For Black Cat Themed Party Celebrations: Handmade Black Cat Birthday Cards, Handmade Blank Black Cat Cards for when you need a note in a hurry, and a Handmade Good Luck Black Cat Card.

For Those Who Like to Stay Organized at School, Home or WorkBlack Cat Post-It Flags, Black Cat Desk Organizer (with a tail!!), Homemade Wooden Black Cat Phone Holder, Black Cat Pens and Pencils,


For Those that Wear Their Love for Black Cats: Handmade Ebony Reversible Black Cat Necklace, a Hoodie with a Pocket for your Cat, Good Luck Pin, and click here for more jewelry and clothing.

For Those Always on the Go: Handmade Black Cat Key Chain Charm, Black Cat Water Bottle, and for more black cat themed bags click here.

For The Black Cats with Little Ones That Love them Dearly:  Black Cat Stuffed Animals and Puppets, Black Cat Puzzles,

…and for even more black cat items, there are of course a ton of Halloween themed gifts as well! I’ll continue to add in more as I find them, but you can click here for more ideas! Click the picture on anything that catches your interest! 

Thank you so much for visiting our page at Gifter Grid!! Don’t stop here keep on browsing our other pages, most especially our cat-themed gifts idea page! To save these ideas for later be sure to bookmark this page or click one of the images below to save to Pinterest!black cat gift ideas, black cat craft ideas, black cat stuff, presents

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