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Butterflies are quite amazing creatures and symbolize endurance, change, hope, and life across many different cultures throughout the world. It’s no wonder that so many people are captivated by their beauty. Sadly, due to decreasing habitat the populations of several species of butterflies are declining, such as the beautiful Monarch butterfly, and any gift that would help save these fragile creatures would certainly be much appreciated by any butterfly enthusiast.

Have fun browsing the gift ideas below – my favorite find is the butterfly umbrella that changes color in the rain! Simply click on the link or picture for anything that catches your interest!

Gifts of Time

Make a Beautiful Paper Butterfly – With sheet music or text from an old book follow the instructions on Todolwen’s blog. You can also use currency by following or with special origami paper with butterfly designs printed on them. These are a great alternative to traditional cards or bows!

Make Chocolate Butterfly Cupcake Toppers – If you are making a cake or cupcake, then add in these cute chocolate butterfly toppers that are easy to make! A real simple tutorial can be found on

Plant a Butterfly Garden or Oasis: This U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service page provides a complete guide to creating a butterfly garden based on your geographical area. A simple gift could be to provide the appropriate seeds or starters for their garden! If they are raising butterflies, find out what plants the caterpillars eat so that you can grow extra in your garden as a back-up supply too (be sure not to use any pesticides)!

Participate in a butterfly tagging/watch program: One for Monarch butterflies can be found by clicking here, and is a fun activity to spend time together while helping researchers help track butterflies throughout their migration.

Gifts of Charity

A few ideas of butterfly-themed charities that are really quite awesome! Please understand it is your responsibility to research the charities below prior to making contributions. – Founded in 1995, the Butterfly Pavilion & Insect Center works to foster an appreciation of invertebrates and the importance of conserving threatened habitats in the tropics and around the world. They have been named as one of BBBs charity of the year. They even have a live Chrysalis Cam on their website! – Adopt a Monarch butterfly through the World Wildlife Fund! With some gift packages that include a plush Monarch butterfly toy, gift box, reusable bag and other butterfly themed gifts. Did you know that the scientific name for these butterflies mean “sleepy transformation”? – A charitable trust based out of the UK, aims to be able to create and gift mementos to families that have lost a child no matter the age or gestation throughout the world. Their package consists of a handmade windchime, hand-knitted butterfly, handwritten paper butterfly and a magnetic butterfly in colors that are specified. They are also working on building a butterfly garden as well. – This is a one month volunteering opportunity in Nkhata Bay in Malawi, which is in Africa for a number of projects that would help their local community and be an amazing experience. The volunteering experience is free and volunteers only need to cover the cost of their food, drinks and accommodations and travel and from Malawi. I asked the founder why was it named after butterflies and it was simply that they love butterflies!

Gifts of Experiences

Plan A Day With Butterflies! Look up a local butterfly garden or sanctuary to bring them to or to give them a gift card for so that they can be surrounded by butterflies! You can also look to see if the nearest zoo or science museum has an indoor butterfly exhibit.

Visit Butterfly Pavilion near Denver, Colorado: Has over 1,600 butterflies in their rain forest habitat and was the first stand-alone non-profit invertebrate zoo in the nation! They also host a milkweed seed giveaway to help Monarch butterflies, since this is the only plant that they will eat when in their larvae stage.

Visit Butterfly World in Southern Florida: With over 10,000 live butterflies of more than 150 species – this is another great destination to gift to a butterfly lover. Hummingbird lovers would love this too as it is home to the largest free-flight hummingbird aviary in the U.S.!

Extreme Experience of Visiting the La Paz Wildlife Garden National Park and Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica: Did you know 90% of butterfly species exist in Costa Rica?! It’s the home to nearly 66% of neo-tropical butterflies and 18% of all global butterfly species. As a guest at the Peace Lodge you can even volunteer in their observatory by collecting eggs, caterpillars and host plants! Can you just say that this would be the ultimate trip for any butterfly enthusiast?

Extreme Experience of Visiting one of the largest Butterfly Gardens in DubaiThere are nine domes of over 3,600 square feet of gardens that are filled with butterflies and insects, as well as the largest continuous flower wall that takes 5 minutes to walk in it’s entirety!

Tangible Gifts 

For those who Love Coffee, Tea, Wine and Beer: Butterfly Coffee MugsButterfly Tea CupsButterfly Wine Glasses and Butterfly Pint Glasses.

For Those who Love their Butterfly Oasis in Their Backyard: Butterfly Screen Door Savers, Butterfly Outdoor Art, Butterfly Signs, Butterfly Stained Glass and Butterfly Plant Stands.

For Those that Believe the Kitchen is the Heart of the Home:: Handpainted Monarch Butterfly Trivet, Butterfly Magnets (Including super useful ones that help hold hot items out of the microwave!), Butterfly Baking Supplies,

For those that Love to Read: Butterfly Bookmarks, Flying Butterfly Surprise, Butterfly Paperclips, and Butterfly Book Ends!

For Those that Are Creative and Crafty: Butterfly Buttons, Butterfly Cookie Cutters and Molds, Butterfly Cake Toppers, Butterfly Lace Ribbon, Butterfly Paper Punch and Butterfly Craft Stitch Projects!


For Those who Like to Wear Their Love of Butterflies:  Handcrafted Wooden Butterfly Jewelry Box, Butterfly Jewelry (A cool design with a magnifying glass built in would be good for those who hunt for butterfly eggs in their garden!). I would also caution against giving jewelry that is made with real butterfly wings – as it simply makes me sad to think about! Butterfly Dresses, Butterfly T-Shirts, Butterfly Scarves and Butterfly Leggings!


For Those that Would Love to Fill Their Homes with Butterflies: Handmade Monarch Glass Sculpture, Butterfly Pillows (for the monarch lovers the M for milkweed is awesome if their name starts with an M), Butterfly Bedding, Butterfly Artwork, Butterfly Rugs, and Butterfly Night Lights!

For Those Always on the Go: Personalized Butterfly Key Chain, The Coolest Color-Changing Butterfly Umbrella, Butterfly Travel Nail Kit, Butterfly Luggage and Backpacks, Butterfly Tote Bags, Butterfly Car/Helmet Stickers and Butterfly Key chains!




For Little Ones or Those Young in Heart who Love Butterflies: Butterfly Puzzles (Click here for a cool puzzle that gives you 18 individual butterflies), Caterpillar/Butterfly Knitted Costume or baby clothes, Butterfly Toddler Tray (for them to eat with less mess), Butterfly Puppets, Butterfly Pool Floats, Butterfly Kites, Butterfly Educational Toys, and Realistic Butterfly in a Jar or Realistic Wing Movement of a USB port Butterfly!

For Those who Would Love to Start Raising Butterflies: Butterfly enclosures (most will hunt for their own eggs/caterpillars than use the ones with the kits), milkweed seeds or plants for Monarch butterflies, butterfly magnifying glass necklace (or an LED one) for finding and identifying eggs or baby caterpillars,and a nice sun hat to wear when searching for butterfly eggs or caterpillars without worrying about bees! A great group gift for those that would love their own butterfly sanctuary would be to check out these walk-in butterfly tents.

For Butterfly-themed Parties, Baby Showers or a Butterfly Release Party: Butterfly Cards and Postcards, Milkweed Seeds as Party FavorsButterfly Candy and Cookies, Butterfly Balloons, Butterfly Party Decor, and Butterfly Cake and Cupcake Toppers!

…and for kicks and giggles: A “Baby” Caterpillar Sculpture, Funny Caterpillar or Butterfly T-shirt, and 3D Butterfly Shoes!

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