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Meet Roderick – our favorite cat! He is the inspiration for this post on helping you find the perfect gift for a fellow feline enthusiast and our gifts idea page specifically for those that love black cats!  He is an indoor cat that we took camping with us one summer – and it was so fun to watch him enjoy the “wild” outdoors! Enjoy the gift ideas below!cat

Gifts of Time

Make some Homemade Kitty Treats: has a great list of 10 easy DIY treats that cats will love! Plus, package it in a cat-themed container that they can use as well – such as a lunchbag, snack container,

Give Them HomeMade Dried Catnip and Catnip Tea: Catnip is fairly easy to grow and this is a bonus gift as it benefits both the cat and cat’s owner! Suggested uses for Catnip can be found at Wellness Mama and tips on how to grow Catnip can be found on Wikihow.

Make a Pillow Using a Photograph of Their Fur Baby: This is the CUTEST idea and I am in the process of creating one with Roderick’s photo – I just need to figure out which photo would be best! The idea comes from the Yellow Brick Home blog. I’ll post a photo once it is completed!

Make a DIY Scratching Post or Box: There are a lot of great tutorials online and one of my favorites that I came across is by Green Lucky Cat as it allows you to use commonly found supplies and to recycle cardboard boxes! You can modpodge cute fabric or prints on the outside to personalize it as well.

Tangible Gifts

Whisker Relief Food Bowl for Cats: Perfect for the cat (and their owner) who makes a mess when eating because they take their food out of their bowls and eat next to it. It’s shallower surface helps reduce their whiskers from bumping into the food bowl.

Catit Toy to Make Snacking More Fun: It also helps with dieting as it slows the cat’s ability to scarf down it’s food.

The Original Cat Beard Mug: It’s the “Purrrfect” gift – the picture says it all! If “cute” cat mugs isn’t what you are going for with your gift, then this coffee mug may be a better choice.

HandsOn De-Shedding Gloves and Scratch/Bite Proof Bath Bag: Does the cat lover you are thinking of have scratched up arms and bite marks all over? Then this gift idea is for them!
Matching Bracelet or Bow Tie and Matching Collar: Such a perfect idea and such a perfect gift! They have multiple patterns to choose from and they even have collars with bow-ties! (In case you were wondering – there is a dog version too, but by a different company!)

Cat Daddy Branded Item: This one is for the guy’s out there! An awesome shirt by Instagrammer beardsandcats_official! You can get this design with or without text on 40+ items: Picture courtesy of founder Tamas Kovacs.

PyroPet Candles Kisa Candle: Comes in gray, pink and black – but this is not your average candle. While it looks beautiful unused, you’d be tempted to burn it as it melts to reveal a skeleton inside! Say, what?

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy
: One of the highest rated toys – plus you could make a layered cake that mirrors this toy for bonus gifting points!

The Ripple Rug: This is the perfect play space for cats that love tunneling into things. Plus, you can reshape it quite easily so that no one gets bored or tired of it.

Outdoor Insulated Cat House: This fits up to three cats and is great in giving an outdoor cat a safe place to rest.

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box: Cat litter – one of the worst parts of having a cat. It’s smelly and is tracked throughout the house and people buy cat mats, special cat litter and fancy litter boxes to try and control it. Plus, it’s so expensive! This just may be the solution – as you won’t have to touch, smell or buy new cat litter again once you set up this Cat Box.
A “Real” Cat Tree: Bring the outdoors in for your indoor cat to enjoy!

Personalized Gift from Cuddle Clones: This site is perfect for those that absolutely are crazy in love with their cats. Submit a picture and fill in a detailed info sheet to ensure every cute characteristic is featured. They have everything from cute plush toys, earrings, golf club covers, and slippers. I especially like their Christmas stockings! Check out the page by clicking here – and don’t forget to use coupon code GIFTERGRID for 10% off!

Gifts of Experience

travel cat camping

When the Cat Wants the Adventure: We took our cat camping with us one summer, which is still one of our favorite memories! As you can tell, Roderick enjoyed watching the wildlife. A few gift ideas that will help make traveling with a cat so much easier: adjustable/claw-proof cat tunnel for the car, disposable kitty litter pans, an outdoor tent for cats, and a spill-proof/travel friendly cat bowl!

Extreme Adventure to St. Petersburg, Russia: The Republic of Cats Cultural and Museum Complex: A cat museum full of art, history and has a room full of cats that you can hang out in. You can even adopt a cat if you found one that steals your heart!

Extreme Adventure to Aoshima or Tashirojima, Japan: Cat Islands (10+ islands are listed!)There are multiple remote islands in Japan where they have hundreds of cats roaming around. There aren’t any restaurants, hotels or shopping centers, but there are shuttles

Gifts of Charity

Please note that it is your responsibility to fully vet out a charity before making your contributions.

Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc.: A sanctuary in North Carolina that is for blind cats or for cats who are Leukemia positive or who have Feline Immunodeficiency that are deemed not adoptable by regular shelters and were going to be euthanized.

Alley Cat Allies: This is the only national advocacy organization that is dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of both cats and kittens. You also get a bumper sticker (available while supplies last).

International Animal Rescue: They rescue animals of all types throughout the world, but for cats specifically their aim is to improve the welfare of stray cat populations through sterilization. Large communities of stray cats can suffer from a lack of food, untreated wounds and injuries leading to infection and even death, as well as countless unwanted kittens born to females that are too weak and malnourished to feed them.

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