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Chameleons are one of the coolest animals in the world – they can change colors, move their eyes to look in different directions, and have tongues that are more than one and half times it’s own body length that can catch a moving meal! The gift ideas below are perfect for those that have a special fascination with Chameleons!

Gifts of Time

Make Them a Chameleon Buddy: Crochet a Chameleon friend! A free pattern can be found here @Crochet or you can buy the one pictured above by clicking here. Weave in some solar activated thread to add in a color changing touch!

Make Them a Color Changing Chameleon Drink: Using the secret ingredient of Butterfly Pea Flowers – you can make a cocktail  @Instructables for a cool drink idea  or an awesome alcohol free lemonade slushy @TheFlavorBlender!

Make a Chameleon Color Changing Cake: You will need to show a cake decorator this video by @ayarel01 or buy a food grade air brush to frost the cake yourself, but this is pretty awesome! A chameleon shaped color changing cake hasn’t been done yet! Yours could be the first!

Gifts of Charity

You are responsible for researching the validity of the organization below before making contributions.

Donate to Provide Educational Resources to Chameleon Hobbyist @ Recognized as a non-profit ChamEO helps hobbyist with resources and ideas for improving chameleon care.
ChamEO also takes in any chameleon, rehabilitating those that are not well and seeking homes for those that are.

Gifts of Experience

Find a Zoo or Chameleon Hobbyist Near You: Gifting the chance to see a chameleon up close is a nice gift and if you are able to connect them with someone that cares for a different species than they’ve seen would be another great gift! Looking up local Chameleon Facebook groups is a great way to network!

Dine like a Chameleon: Try some bugs or bug-filled cookie mix or snacks – it’s high in protein! Makes for a great prank gift – but hey – it’s definitely something they’ll remember if they do decide to try one!

Extreme Experience – Help Fund a Trip to Madagascar: Nearly half of all species of Chameleons (and there are approximately 160 species!) live only on the island of Madagascar. You’ll want to focus your time on the eastern side of Madagascar, which is where their rain forests are. Click here for a link to four different tours that will take you through the rain forests to see chameleons, but also wild lemurs!

Tangible Gifts

For Those That Like Coffee, Tea, Wine or Beer: Chameleon Organic Cold Brew Coffee (So many flavors and highly reviewed!) and Tea, Coffee Cups, Wine Stoppers and Beer Openers and Pint Glasses (…and a Corona T-shirt!)! There is also Chameleon Salted Popcorn from Brooklyn and Chameleon Mystery Candy (your guess is as good as mine)!

For Those That Love Art That Makes Them Smile: Chameleon Art and Sculptures!

For Those That Are Crafty: Blendable Pens with a Twist, Professional Grade Chameleon Pens, Chameleon Powder, Color Changing Tape, and Chameleon Shaped Rubber Stamps!

For Those That Like To Wear Their Love of Chameleons: Chameleon Shirts, Chameleon Socks, Chameleon Scarfs, Color Changing Chameleon Nail Polish (37 color options!), Chameleon Ear Cuff, Personalized Necklace from Washington, Chameleon Jewelry and a Super Cool Chameleon Beanie.

For Those That Love Filling Their Home With Chameleons: Chameleon Tape Dispenser, Chameleon  Pillows, Chameleon Statues, Chameleon Wall Decals and a FOUR foot stuffed Chameleon!

For Those Always on the Go: Chameleon Tote BagsChameleon Umbrellas, Chameleon Car Decals and Chameleon Key Chains!

For Little Ones That Love Chameleons: Chameleon Sippy Cup/Backpack/Lunch Bag, Chameleon Toys and Games, Handmade Chameleon Stuffed Animal,Chameleon Books For Kids, Chameleon Goggles – see behind you too!, Chameleon Kid’s Watering Can, Chameleon Deck of Cards and a FOUR foot long Chameleon!

For Chameleon Lovers During The Holiday Season: Chameleon Ornaments, Chameleon Festive Clothing, and a Great Chameleon Themed Stocking Stuffer – Specially Printed Metallic Green Chameleon Playing  Deck of Cards with a Holographic Center.

…and Lastly Chameleon-Themed Cards That Will Make Your Chameleon Lover Smile!

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Chameleon Themed Gift Ideas

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