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Chihuahuas may be tiny but they certainly have big personalities! Did you know they are the smallest breed of dog in the world!? Have fun browsing these gift ideas for those that have a special place in their hearts for these little and super loyal pups!  

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For the coffee, tea, wine and beer drinkers: Chihuahua Wine Bottle Holders, Chihuahua Coffee & Tea Mugs (get a personalized coffee mug by clicking here), Chihuahua Coffee, and Chihuahua Beer Themed Gifts and Art!

For those who believe the kitchen is the heart of the home: Chihuahua Magnets, Chihuahua Salt and Pepper Shakers, Chihuahua Toaster, Chihuahua ApronsChihuahua Trivets and Chihuahua Seasoning!

For those who are creative and crafty: Chihuahua Paint by Number, Chihuahua Coloring Book, Chihuahua Cross Stitch, Chihuahua Rubber Stamps, and Chihuahua Scrapbooking Supplies!
For those who love filling their home with Chihuahuas: Chihuahua Clocks, Super Cute Chihuahua Shaped Pillows, Chihuahua Art and Sculptures (including a hand painted wooden mask), and Chihuahua Bookends!

For those who like staying organized at home, work or a school: Chihuahua Paper Clips, Chihuahua Lanyards, Chihuahua Calendars, Chihuahua pen holders, Chihuahua Decals to stick to your laptops and Chihuahua Paperweights!

For those who love to wear their love for Chihuahuas: Chihuahua socks and scarfs (…and underwear?!), Chihuahua rings and earrings, Personalized Chihuahua Ring, and Chihuahua T-Shirts!

For those always on the go: Chihuahua Wallets, Chihuahua Purses and Canvas Bags, Chihuahua Tumblers, Chihuahua Luggage Tags, and Chihuahua Umbrellas!

For the little ones who have a Chihuahua that Loves them Very Much: Chihuahua Baby Clothes and Chihuahua Puzzles and Games!

Perfect gifts for Chihuahua’s that their Owners would Love Too: Cool Chihuahua Dog Beds, Chihuahua Clothes, Bookbags and Slings Perfect for Chihuahuas!
…and the perfect little birthday candle holder!

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