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Know someone who is crazy about Corgis?! Then you are in the right place to find the perfect gift for them! This is an extension off my Dog Themed Gift Ideas Post, which you should definitely check out to get even more gift ideas for all dog lovers, which include DIY gifts, gifts of experiences and charitable causes! One thing I learned in putting this page together (I already know they shed a ton, haha!) is that there is an odd fascination people have with Corgi butts! 

Have fun looking through these gift ideas and if anything catches your interest – simply click the pic to learn more or to save it for later!



For the Coffee, Tea, Beer and Wine Drinkers: Corgi Coffee Mugs (the Titantic themed one – would put me in a good mood everyday, no coffee required),  Corgi Wine Glass, I Love My Corgi Wallet-Sized Bottle Opener, Corgi Wine and Cheese Platter, Handmade Leather Corgi Flask, and cool Corgi Pint Glasses!

For Those who Believe the Kitchen is the Heart of the Home: Corgi Magnets, Corgi ApronsCorgi Herb & Spice Grinder, Corgi Shaped Cutting Board and Corgi Cookie Cutters!


For the Creative and Talented Crafters & DIY-ers: Corgi Iron-On Patch, Corgi Stickers, Corgi Rubber Stamp, Corgi Paper, and Corgi Rubber Stamps, and Corgi Coloring Books.



For Those That Love Filling their Home with Corgis: Corgi Pillows (If the beach themed one caught your eye, then you should check out the Sea Turtle Lovers Gift Ideas page!),  Corgi Weather Vane, and Corgi Rugs and Mats. Also, check out Patti’s Etsy page at PattisWoodArt for some wood burning Corgi Art or Corgi Keepsakes’s Facebook page to custom order personalized Corgi figurines or signs!

For Those That Love Art that Makes Them Smile: Click here for funny Corgi themed art.


For those That Love to Read: Corgi BookendsI am Not Lazy Corgi Journal, the book “The Queen’s Corgi” and Corgi Children Books!


For a Corgi Themed Party Celebrations: Corgi Cake/Cupcake Topper, Corgi Themed Cards, Corgi Birthday Banner and Balloons!

For Those Who Like to Stay Organized at School, Home or WorkCorgi Themed Keyboard, Corgi Pen holder and Corgi Post-It Holders. and Corgi Calendars and Planners!

For Those that Wear Their Love for Corgis: Handmade Personalized Corgi Necklace, Handmade Corgi Earrings, Personalized Corgi Pendant, Corgi Butt Hair Clip (seriously – it’s pretty darn cute!), and Corgi Socks!

For Those Always on the Go: Super Cute Corgi Water Bottle, Corgi Pill Container, Corgi Travel Mugs, Corgi Car Decals and Corgi bags!


For The Corgis with Little Ones That Love them Dearly: Corgi Kid-sized Bedroom Rug, Corgi Puzzles, Corgi Backpacks, Corgi Onsies and Corgi Lamps!

Thank you so much for visiting our page at Gifter Grid!! Don’t stop here keep on browsing our other pages, most especially our Dog-themed Gifts Idea Page! To save these ideas for later be sure to bookmark this page or click the image below to save to Pinterest!

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