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I can’t wait until the day that we have a house with a yard so that we can get a dog of our own! I’m pretty sure it’ll be a pug – there’s just something about them that I especially love. For the time being, I get my dog-fixes while out on walks, stalk the dog parks and through friends with dogs – such as the one pictured – his name is Wilbur!. The gift ideas below are for those who love dogs – big or small, energetic or lazy, obedient or dysfunctional (haha!) – whether they have one to call their own or, like me, can’t wait for the day!

Gifts of Time

Make them Homemade Doggie Treats: Make these treats using bone and paw shaped molds or cookie cutters! You can also make these super special with personalized cookie cutters! There are a lot of great recipes out there and some of my favorites that are easy to make are:

  • Pumpkin/Apple Breath Mints @DamnDelicious – 6 ingredients > mix > bake > done.
  • Frosty Watermelon Treats @PetGuide – 3 ingredients > blend > freeze > done.
  • Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream @KeepitSimpleSweetie – 3 ingredients > blend > soft-freeze > done.
  • Sweet Potato Dog Chews @HappyMoneySaver – 1 ingredient > slice > bake > done!

Make them a Personalized Dog Shaped Pillow: The how-to @Barkpost gives a great tutorial of how you can make a pillow using your own images! You’ll get a pillow that looks like the one above, which you can buy directly from If you like the idea of having a customized stuffed toy of your pet, then be sure to read the charity section below to learn about custom-made shelter pups!

Gift a Dog a Homemade Outfit: Upcycle clothing into super fabulous dog clothing using the following tutorials I found online!

  • Dog Sweater (Small Dogs) using the sleeve of a sweater – tutorial @Indulgy
  • Dog Shirt (Small/Medium Dogs) using a baby’s onsie – tutorial @sheknows
  • Dress-Up Collar using a boy’s or man’s collared work shirt (and bandana)- tutorial @CheerfulTimes
  • Hooded Dog Jacket (could possibly be upcycled for a smaller dog)- tutorial @Urbanthreads

Tangible Gifts

Hands Free Dog Leash: While this is truly meant for those that go jogging with their dogs, I think this is better suited for those that would like their hands free so that they can take super cute pictures during their outing together!

Outdoor Interactive Snack Tray: These allow dogs to have fun foraging for snacks (it’s secret purpose is to keep dogs from scarfing down their food so quickly – so that it helps keep dogs from getting overweight)! They come in two sizes – one for large dogs and one for small dogs! For one that is shaped like a normal bowl click here. If you know their dog gulps water or makes a mess doing so then this Slopper Stopper bowl may make a perfect gift!

Doggy Measuring Spoons with a Fire Hydrant Stand: Accurate and cute measuring spoons!

Matching Dog Collar and Wristlet or Bow Ties: Very cute gift for dog moms and dads and their furry babies! (They make cat collars too!)

Chainsaw Dog Sculptures: Super cute way to honor the most awesome dog! These are made in Idaho and the complete breed list of what they carve can be found by clicking here. Pictures are courtesy of and are of the American Eskimo Sculptures!

Gift the Ability to See Beyond the Fence: With the PetPeek Window the dogs will be so much happier to see what is going on and keeps them from pacing back and forth! Happier dogs make happier owners! I’ll bring a smile to everyone who happens to be passing by too!
Personalized Dog Portrait From Your Own Photograph: Know that your dog-loving friend has a personal favorite photo? Sneak a copy and request a portrait from Megan in Florida for the perfect gift for them to treasure!
Bubble Maker with Bacon Scented Bubbles: What dog would pass up on Bacon Bubbles?!

Furbo Dog Camera That Tosses Treats: A great gift for those who work long days or travel quite a bit – this allows you the chance to not only see your dog, but to also speak to one another with it’s two way radio and to chuck a treat or two their way! You even get alerts on your phone if your dog is barking while you are away! The Pawbo Wifi Pet Camera is similar but is only available to Amazon Prime Members.

DNA Test for Ancestry, Breed Identification and Genetic Markers:  For those that have rescued dogs and don’t know what breed or mix of breeds their dogs are – this is a great gift to help give them an answer! You can also find out the risk factors of over 160 genetic diseases, which can be helpful to know!

Personalized Gift from Cuddle Clones: This site is perfect for those that absolutely are head over heels with their dog. Submit a picture and fill in a detailed info sheet to ensure every cute characteristic is featured. They have everything from cute plush toys, earrings, golf club covers, and slippers. I especially like their Christmas stockings! Check out the page by clicking here – and don’t forget to use coupon code GIFTERGRID for 10% off!

Gifts of Experiences

Gift a Dog Friendly Overnight or Weekend Roadtrip! Check out for a directory of dog-friendly hotels, restaurants and shopping centers! You can even book your reservations directly through their site! A certificate to a local dog-friendly hotel or Bed & Breakfast is a nice surprise to those that enjoy traveling with their dogs! You can also get the dog their own travel luggage!

Gift a Dog Friendly City Tour or Adventure! The site is amazing as they also offer tours and adventures that are dog-friendly as well! To name a few: kayaking adventures, city walks, trolley rides, ghost tours, wine walks, sports games and cruises!

Gift a Stay at the Famous Dog Bark Park Inn ( in Cottonwood, Idaho: You can’t get any more dog-themed then actually staying in a beagle shaped inn! This place is of course dog friendly and is the place that makes the chainsaw carved dog sculptures! Photo courtesy of Dog Bark Park Inn!

Extreme Gift of Seeing Amazing Dogs in Action: Gift the ability to attend one of these annual events of dogs showcasing their abilities: International Agility Competition, International Sheep Herder Competition, World Surfing Competition, The World’s Largest Dog Show (including Dancing Dogs!) or the amazing Iditarod Sled Dog competition of 979 miles in Alaska!

Gifts of Charity

Please know it is your responsibility to research the organization prior to making a contribution.

Customized Shelter Pups: Check out as they will custom make your own merino wool stuffed puppy based off a submitted photo and will send 100% of proceeds will go to your local shelter! You can also get a gift certificate as well or adopt an already created shelter pup that is looking for a new home.

Gift Doggy Poo Bags from Doggy Do Good and they’ll give no less than 10% of their profits to the charities listed below, which are also great charities that you can donate directly to!

  • The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: Animal rescue, adoption and protection with a mission to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.
  • The Humane Society of the United States: Celebrating Animals, Confronting Cruelty by providing sanctuaries, veterinary programs and emergency shelters and rescues.
  • The Gentle Barn: Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
  • Animal Welfare Institute: Dedicated to reducing animal suffering caused by people, by seeking better treatment of animals everywhere – laboratories, farms, in commerce, at home, and in the wild.
  • Friends of Animals: A non-profit, international animal advocacy organization whose goal is to free animals from cruelty and institutionalized exploitation around the world.
  • Best Friends Animal Society: Is the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals and building effective programs that reduce the number of animals entering shelters

…and for Kicks and Giggles!

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs Umbrella!

It’s a flip shirt!

Doggy Sunglasses!

If you are still looking for more dog-themed gift ideas, then look at these dog loving sites! 

An alternative to boring dog tags! These come in packs of two – one for the wallet (for if something happens to the owner, then people will know they have a dog at home that needs looking after) and one that is perfect to add-on to the dog’s collar (for if something happens to them, then people will know how to reach the owner)! Perfect for the dog that goes on lots of road trips! They ship quickly too!

Shop Now!


An amazing assortment of dog themed calendars, books and gifts that are organized by dog breeds at!

A two-week subscription box of hypoallergenic dog food (grain-free, gluten-free and entirely free of potatoes, corn and soy, and is also low in sugar)! Eco-friendly add-ons can be purchased and each box comes with an extra bonus gift! Plus it’s made in California – not overseas!

If you like the concept of a subscription service, then definitely check out PupJoy Boxes, which are filled with natural, organic treats, toys and accessories from responsible artisan brands. They are customized specifically to your needs and delivered right to your door, and a portion of each order goes toward supporting an animal rescue! Save $20 on PupJoy Multi-Box Plans or Save $10 on your PupJoy Order!

PeaceBone offers dog treats that are from US farms that are from grass fed animals (no GMOs or antibiotics) and practice sustainable farming techniques! Lots of great gifts as well - and I love their matching bow-tie set!

If hemp based supplements would be approved by the dog lover you have in mind (completely legal and made in a cGMP facility in the US), then click to learn more at!
Pod Trackers GPS + WiFi Tracker for Dogs and Cats
Gift the Ability to Prevent the Worst Feeling of Having a Lost Dog - My heart aches for the families and dogs behind the Lost Dog Poster signs. This Pod Tracker has Wifi and GPS capabilities and will help track your pet should they become lost - but also great if you have others that take care of your dog! Great gift for a family with a new pet, recently returned pet (yay) or the dog with an adventuresome spirit!

CANDY!!! Scottie shaped licorice (black) and (red)- Dog Shaped Candy - Gummy Dog Shaped Candy

My favorite dog-themed specialty cards by Night Owl Paper Goods - just click the pic if you see something of interest!


Thank you for visiting my page! In case you were wondering, the wiener dog featured on my post is Wilbur (Photo Credit to O. Thapanakul)! You can save these ideas for later by bookmarking this page or clicking on the image below to save to Pinterest!

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