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I am so excited to start the Elf on the Shelf Christmas tradition with my family this year! I wanted to put together a gift ideas page for those that are just starting this tradition or for those who are needing new ideas! The ideas on this page also serve as excellent gift ideas for friends and family who send you photos of what shenanigans their Christmas Elf is up to, because the ideas below double as gifts to the entire family but can be staged in a way that is perfect for their Elf to surprise them with in the morning!Have fun browsing the gift ideas below! If you know a family that would love to start this tradition, then start by clicking here for a boy elf or girl elf gift pack!

Simply click on the link or picture for anything that catches your interest! Save these ideas to your cart and you’ll get notified of any price drops!

Gifts of Time

Anyone who is doing the Elf on the Shelf tradition will tell you it is a serious time commitment. The ideas below will help give them the gift of time!

Offer to Take Over for a Night: Plan out an epic Elf on the Shelf idea and schedule a night where you can come over to set it up for the family! Since you have to do it while the kids are sleeping – parents are often already tired. There are so many great ideas available on Pinterest and on this page!

Offer to Help Come Up With Ideas: Helping come up with fun and creative ideas that don’t take much time, don’t require running out to the store or crafting a ton of snowflakes would be much appreciated! The Official Elf on The Shelf Ideas Book with 15 Miniature toys is a great gift idea as it has 100+ pictures of ideas and 15 awesome elf-sized Christmas of winter themed props!

Offer to Do an Elf on the Shelf Grocery Run or Storing Gift Items: Keeping the magic alive means you don’t see your parents buy the bulk size bag of marshmallows or see the gingerbread house kit stored away in the garage.  Some ideas areMini White Marshmallows (great for Elf “bubble” baths, snowballs and clouds)Mini Colorful Cereal Marshmallows (great for rainbow effects or unicorn themed gifts with your Elf), White Tic Tacs – Elf poop (sorry – it’s too perfect), Skittles (great for an Elf ball-pit or Skittle rainbow), and Cotton Candy (clouds or snow)!

Make the Darn Thing Just Sit and Stay (plus do more awesome poses): Out of the box – it takes three (sometimes ten) tries to simply h ave him stay upright and you can’t do all the cool ideas you see everywhere else. The trick? Floral wire and magnets. There is an Upgrade Your Elf on The Shelf Toolkit that has all you need and an instruction guide.

Gifts of Charity

Have the Elf Adopt an Arctic Animal In The Child’s Name: A matching Christmas tree ornament or themed gift is a perfect compliment and memento! The links below also come with a certificate and a matching plush toy.

Save the Sea Ice and Adopt a Polar Bear through!Adopt a Narwhal through!

Adopt a Snowy Owl through Defenders of Wildlife at!

Elf Toy Donation For Santa’s Workshop: I love the idea of the Elf next to an empty cardboard box with a note to ask the kids to help give some of their toys that they have outgrown or no longer play with to others. Offering to help with the donation run would be a nice errand to do!

Tangible Gifts

For Those That Have a Competitive Spirit! These miniature tabletop games are the perfect size for your Elf to play in the middle of the night and are great gifts for kids to have some fun during winter break too! It might not look it but Elf has some muscle in those lanky arms and legs of his!

For Those Who Love Yummy Frozen Treats! Elves love frozen treats too! You can have the elf hugging this “gigantic” glowing ice cream cone with a note that there are more treats in the freezer. The best part – the ice cream cone is a night light. There is also an Olaf Sno Cone maker – I think we all know who would love to have one of these! Have the Elf hug Olaf would be really cute! Or have your Elf play with Color Changing Floof and Floof The Ice Cream Kit – the stuff feels like a combination of marshmallows, snow and magic!

For Those Wishing for a White Christmas! An elf loves being able to be reminded of all the snow back at the North Pole. The Ice Age Creator Kit allows kids to learn about Woolly Mammoths and create instant snow and grow crystals! You can also get Reusable Expandable Snow Powder or Indoor SnowBalls for your Elf to play with! You can also get Reusable Snowflake Window Clings this snowflake kit has 200+ window clings, which gives you several to stick all over the Elf since it’s hard for his little hands to put these up – he’ll need the kid’s help!

For Those Who Love Playing Games! Little known fact that Santa has an arcade up at the North Pole! This is a Miniature Retro Style Video Game Machine that is the perfect size for our little Elf! This one comes with 200+ games to play and has 4 hour of play time. Everyone in the family will have fun with this one! The Build Your Own Pinball Machine is great for those who love building and creating their own games – there is even a battle-mode if you get two, which is great for siblings! A Deck of Super Miniature Playing Cards make any card game more entertaining and are just the right size for Elf!
For Those Who Love Making Noise – errr… Music! Since Elves can’t speak – they love to play with musical instruments. This portable drum kit has foot pedals and fits perfectly on the table top, which makes it Elf friendly too! A record player is a great gift for a hard-to-please teenager or for the whole family and little kids would get a kick out of finding the elf spinning around in a circle! This one is awesome because it’s easily transportable, converts vinyl to mp3 and plays mp3s wirelessly! A Singing Meditation Bowl is a unique gift  to help with holiday stress and Elf gets to do some crazy yoga poses!

For Those Wishing For Warmer Weather! An Elf likes to get his beach time as well – watching your kids all day is e.x.h.a.u.s.t.i.n.g – and definitely deserves a bit of what feels like summer vacation! What might be a Mini Sandbox to a child is a perfectly sized sandy beach for an Elf to enjoy! Special Space Sand never dries out and is great fun for sculpting and molding sand castles … or sand igloos??

For Those That are Scared of the Dark! Elves sometime have a hard time getting around at night and these gifts are awesome nightlights! The Moon Light can be held in your hands and is great for budding astronomy enthusiasts. The Cute Christmas Mason Jar Nightlight  will help remind Elf of his animal friends back at home. The Rainbow Light will instantly make you smile and Elf loves rainbows since they don’t get very many at the North Pole! Having the Elf embrace a pot of gold placed at the “end” of the rainbow with colorful marshmallows would be such a cute idea!

For Those That Love Elves’ Favorite Food! Our Elf loves S’Mores and The Floof S’More Kit is perfect for pretend play or you can get an Actual S’More Kit for making them easily at home! Plus Floof feels AMAZING in your hands and is great for sensory play! A Twinkie Charm Bracelet is cute to find next to an Elf diving into a Twinkie for it’s favorite creamy center! Getting Snowball Creamy Filberts is a great nostalgic treat that only the Elf knows where to find them!

For Those That Love to Play in the Snow! Elf loves playing in the snow too…shocker! Have your Elf snowboard with the Floof Snowboarding Kit, which comes with two snowboards! Hide a lift ticket in the middle of the Floof to surprise them with an extra gift! You can also get a Floof Snowman Kit! This Snow Scooter is perfect for kids but adults can use it too – and it works on grass! The LED lights make for a fun place for the Elf to bust a move!

For Those Who Think Their Elf Has Style! Having matching family elf gear is great for photos!


..and For When You’ve Had Elf on The Shelf Overload – The Perfect Wine Glass for parents!!

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