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I really don’t think there is anyone who enjoys cleaning and household chores – they just really enjoy living in a clean environment more than others and willing to put in the work for a nice and tidy home. These gifts are perfect for those who appreciate cleanliness (my husband) or for those who would rather do anything else than household chores (myself). These gifts do the cleaning for you so that you have more time to do the things you truly enjoy!funny vacuum cleaner post

Gift of Time

Gift them a Personalized Clean-Up Coupon Book or Punch-card: Let’s start off with the classic gift that we gave our parents as presents when we were little. This works for anybody and everybody, plus offering to do the household chores that are especially hated is an extra bonus.

Gift them Maid-Service: Having routine maid service or a deep cleaning will certainly give someone the gift of time. Ensure great referrals from a reputable company when giving this as a gift.

Gift them Laundry Wash-n-Fold Services: Few people know that several laundromats offer drop-off service where you can have them wash and fold your laundry by the pound! Some even offer home delivery and take requests to use your preferred laundry detergents.

For Laundry Haters Try Out Laundry-Free Linens! These are premium hypoallergenic and biodegradable sheets from Beantown Bedding that you can use and then toss or compost once finished! You can by a set as a gift or as a weekly/monthly service! The links used will get you 5% off your purchase.

Tangible Gifts







Gift them an auto-cleaning robot: Let a robot do the work automatically or with an app on your phone! There are the well known ones that can vacuum carpet and mop floors, but also one for your windows  (especially nice for multi-level houses), gutters, swimming pools and grills!

Gift a Toy Clutter Mat: If they have kids (or an adult that plays with legos), then this gift is for them. Rather than do the nightly routine of kneeling and crawling ritual of picking up toys – have them play or throw everything onto the mat, cinch and store out of sight.






Gift them the Bars Keeper Friend: For those times where a robot can’t do the cleaning, the next best thing is using the best products to save time in cleaning. Bars Keepers Friend is highly reviewed and #BKFbeforeandafter on Instagram shows how well it works! Great for the kitchen (pots, pans, sinks, stainless steel appliances) and the bathroom (tubs, showers and counter tops).

Gift them a Foldimate Laundry Folding Machine: If folding laundry is the least favorite chore, then this just may be the best gift. This can fold and press laundry. It isn’t available yet, but they are taking pre-orders now. Looks like the target price range is ~$850.

Gift them a Self-Making Bed with SmartDuvet: Originating from Kickstarter, this duvet cover converts any bed into a self-making bed at the touch of a button. It is also dual heating and cooling! They are accepting pre-orders for Queen, King and California King beds and range in price from ~$200-$300.

Gifts of Experience

Gift a Nearby Stay Where there is Room Service: Gift a night where they can escape the chores for a day or two and be catered to with lovely, oh so lovely, room service.

Gift a Visit to the Museum of Clean in Pocatello, Idaho: This museum is huge (75,000 sq ft.) and doesn’t just have vacuums in it. The museum’s focus is on more than just clean houses – they look at how clean thinking positively influences your life – clean air, water, language, health, art and, well, floors too. 1.5 hours is needed to explore the museum and 3.5 hours for art and history lovers.

Gift a Visit to a Vacuum Museum: There is the Vacuum Cleaner Museum in St. James, Missouri (with over 800 vacuum cleaners and all of them in working condition) and there is also Stark’s Vacuum Museum in Portland, Oregon (recently renovated in 2017 and has 25 iconic vacuum cleaners, a big drop from the 300 they had before).

Gifts of Charity

As with all charities, it is your responsibility to vet out the organization before making a contribution.

Clean the World: They not only aim to collect and recycle soap products that are discarded by the hospitality industry to keep them polluting our waters and going into our landfills, but they also redistribute these and other donated products to impoverished people worldwide to help  reduce preventable hygiene-related deaths each hear.

Cleaning for Heroes: A national non-profit that utilizes cleaning professionals willing to provide disabled and elderly veterans house cleaning services at no-cost.

ComforTree: Provides non-toxic and monthly house cleaning services to all cancer patients so that they, as well as friends and family can focus on spending quality time together. Basic cleaning includes, general dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens.

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