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I truly admire anyone that repairs, restores or up-cycles items that may otherwise be kicked to the curb and end up in the dumpster. They oftentimes sacrifice their clothes (stains that won’t come out), posture (they get their bodies into the most awkward positions) and safety (should you really be standing on that??). These gifts are in honor of the time they commit to these projects – as they do some pretty substantial heavy lifting – both physically and mentally! 

Gifts of Time

Help Them with a Project – Mr. and Ms. “Let Me Fix That” types oftentimes have projects in which they need a helper to lift or hold large objects or some other task. Offer them help and you may even learn a thing or two!

Make them Homemade Hand Salve – You can bet that they likely don’t have this in their toolbox. Check out this four ingredient hand repair cream with eucalyptus and lemongrass oils at Heartbeet Kitchen!

Tangible Gifts

Pizza cutter

Tool Themed Pizza and Cake Cutters: How awesome are these? These would be fun to have for a construction themed party or a s conversation starters. Or you could use the real version of these tools to get the party started (with proper safety gear on of course!).

Flexible Magnetic Pocket-sized LED Flashlight: Portable light that can wrap around their wrists or shoulders so they can always see what they are doing.


Bondic: Liquid plastic welder that can bond, build, fix or fill almost anything and works on plastic, wood, metal, piping, wiring and fabric – it isn’t a glue. It’s also 100% waterproof!

Magnetic Wrisbandt: No need to keep searching for the little things that roll away just as you need them.

Leatherman Tread Bracelet – A Wearable Multi Tool: This is really nifty – with over 29 tools built into this wrist strap – they can be Mr. Fix-It anywhere! In addition, you can buy adapters so that you can snap in your watch as well. It’s safe to bring on airplanes and so is good for those that travel a bit as well.

Gifts of Experiences

Diggerland XL and Diggerland USA: Based out in New Jersey these are essentially construction themed adventure parks where you can drive and ride on actual full size construction equipment – full size backhoes, excavators, and every other construction machine you would imagine. They also have a rope course, rock wall, arcade and daily stunt shows with the heavy machinery!

Extreme Sandbox: Based in Minnesota and Texas and likely expanding to other cities – this is essentially you playing in a 10-acre sand box with heavy equipment!

Dig This Las Vegas: This offers more structured events like “Aggression Session” where you can have the opportunity to completely destroy a car (perhaps for when a project goes massively wrong?) or work through an obstacle course (fun!!).

Gifts of Charity

Kaboom!: Donate to support this non-profit in building and improving playgrounds to ensure that all kids get a childhood full of active play and a sense of community, especially those growing up in poverty. They have a cool map called “Map of Play” to register or locate a nearby playground, as well!

Playground Ideas: An international effort to build playgrounds worldwide and they are accepting donations, as well as volunteers! Have plans on going on an adventure together with your Fix-It Superhero – perhaps look and see if they are accepting volunteers to build a play structure together.

Habitat for Humanity: Donate or volunteer to support the effort of ensuring everyone has a decent place to live, both in  your local community and worldwide.  There are a lot of ways to support this cause and the impact you’ll have through your gift will benefit a family in need much more than providing shelter – you are providing them a home,


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