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One of my favorite things about where we live is that we occasionally get to see hot air balloons in the late afternoon sky. Flying in a hot air balloon is yet another item on my bucket list and can’t wait for our youngest child to be old enough so that we can go up as a family! These gift ideas are perfect for those that still dream of experiencing what it must be like and for those that have been lucky enough to see the world from a truly unique perspective. 

Hot Air Balloon Gift Ideas

For the Coffee, Tea, Beer and Wine Drinkers: Hot Air Balloon Mugs (not pictured – Lighten the F&@* up mug – click here), Hot Air Balloon Beer Can Glass (not pictured), Hot Air Balloon Wine Chiller, and cute tea gift set.

For Those who Believe the Kitchen is the Heart of the Home: Hot Air Balloon Cookie Cutter and StampHot Air Balloon Lolly Chocolate Candy Mold, Personalized Cutting Board, and Hot Air Balloon Pot Holders and Trivets.

For the Creative and Talented Crafters & DIY-ers: Hot Air Balloon Theme Wine Bottle Labels and scrap-booking supplies and stickersand Golf Ball Markers that would be cute to use in a craft project.

For Those That Love Filling their Home with Hot Air BalloonsRoyal Aero Balloon ReplicaFabric Reusable Wall Decals, Tin Hot Air Balloon Mobile (not for kids), and LED Glowing Hot Air Balloon Canvas Art

For Those That Love Art that Makes Them Smile: Click the pictures that capture your interest or click here to see more! If the Panda Hot Air Balloon piece grabbed your attention, then be sure to check out our Panda-themed Gift Ideas page!

For those That Love to Read or Appreciates the History of Hot Air Balloons: Books on historical balloonists, Personalized Hot Air Balloon Bookend or Hot Air Balloon Bookmarks!

For a Hot Air Balloon Themed Party CelebrationsHot Air Balloon Pop-up Greeting Card, Intricate Interactive Pop-Up Card or Original Hot Air Balloon Thumbprint Art (Perfect for any large gathering to serve as a guest book)!

For Those that Wear Their Love for Hot Air Balloons: Hot Air Balloon Shirts, Hot Air Balloon Head Scarf/Bandanas, and Hot Air Balloon Jewelry!

For Those Always on the Go: Portable Hammock made with the same material as Hot Air Balloons, Personalized Dual Wine Tote Bag, and Personalized Collapsible Cooler and Portable Seat – perfect for bringing to a Hot Air Balloon Festival!

For Little Ones That Love Hot Air Balloons: American Girl Hot Air Balloon Play Set, Hot Air Balloon Glow-in-the-dark-wall decals, Hot Air Balloon Puzzles, or UFO Solar Balloon!

For Babies With An Awesome Hot Air Balloon Themed Nursery or Baby ShowerNursing Scarf with Hot Air Balloon Dry/Wet Bags, Handcrafted Personalized Hot Air Balloon Music Box, Handmade Heirloom Baby Quilt, Hot Air Balloon Nursing Bobby Pillow, Personalized Hot Air Balloon Growth Chart, Handmade Hot Air Balloon Mobile, Beautiful Hot Air Balloon Diaper Cake, Crotchet Hot Air Balloon Mobile (click here for handmade ones from Italy!)

For Pets and Pet Owners That Love Hot Air Balloons: Click here to see more! If the Corgi Lunch Bag caught your interest, then be sure to check out our Corgi-themed Gift Ideas post by clicking here!

Gift an Experience of an Actual Ride on a Hot Air Balloon or to a Hot Air Balloon Festival: Gift Certificate with United States Hot Air Balloons (valid for two years and transferable) or through a local hot air balloon tour! Another gift idea would be to gift a ticket to allow them to go to the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in early October – learn more by clicking here!

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