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The gift ideas below are for those that love jigsaw puzzles and are always up for a new challenge! These aren’t just your typical puzzles – there’s a bit of a twist to each of the ideas below to make your gift extra special! I especially love the memories that form when you work on these with others – I’ve heard wonderful stories from my Grandma as shared her own memories of her teenage years while we worked together on one of her puzzles. 

Gifts of Time

Make Them A Truly One-Of-A-Kind Puzzle: These Draw-Your-Own Puzzle Kits are great for both kids and adults to paint or draw out their very own puzzle. You can also make a puzzle using any picture too! This 1,000 piece puzzle is especially nice because it comes in it’s own puzzle box and most customized online/photo labs are limited to 200 pieces.

Give Them A Puzzle Date/Friend Night: This fun puzzle-themed date night kit is a fun idea and you can easily create your own by searching for a puzzle you’d both like (don’t forget wine and a candle!). If you are creating your own kit look for a puzzle that is sentimental or one that will spark memories – a couple extra ideas below!

Give Them The Gift Of Time: See how you can gift them an hour or more of time that they can enjoy their hobby – by babysitting/pet-sitting, doing chores or running errands for them!
Bake Them A Batch of Puzzle Cookies: Be sure to follow this sugar cookie recipe for cookies that keep their shape @inkatrinaskitchen when using these cute puzzle cookie cutters! Puzzle-themed Cookie Cutters also make great gifts as Christmas ornaments or as flair to your gift wrapping!

Gifts Of Charity

The puzzle piece has come to symbolize the awareness for autism spectrum disorders, which affects 1 out of every 68 children. There are several ways you can support impacted families or to accelerate research efforts! I’ve also found a few other puzzle-themed charities that may catch your interest as well! As with any charity, be sure to research it to ensure it meets your standards as a reputable organization before making a donation. 

The Puzzle Piece Foundation Donations help support teachers and service providers who provide services directly to with students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The National Autism Association Donations address the most urgent needs of the autism community by providing direct assistance to families across the U.S. (If based in the UK, check out supporting Puzzle Centre (UK)
The Autism Research Foundation  Donations support brain-based research, inclusion programs, and educational resources in your community – plus you can choose how your money is directed!

Puzzles To Remember is a 501(c)3 organization that provides puzzles to nursing homes, veterans facilities, and other facilities that care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. You can donate puzzles or money to support the organization!

Support the Global Jigsaw Jubilee @Jubilee Jewels: Make a donation ( to the Global Jigsaw Jubilee in honor of your puzzle lover – donations help support the operational costs of shipping prizes to the Global Jigsaw Jubilee winners and ensuring participating children get a prize too! It’s a fun international group of up to 500 puzzle lovers from more than 30 countries that compete to see who can complete the most puzzles – starting on January 29th – World Puzzle Day! You can even get puzzle-themed gifts on their Facebook page or purchase a raffle ticket for a puzzle-themed prize that also support the group too!

Gift of Experiences

Do a Puzzle Together or Puzzle Contest: Gift a puzzle that you know they’d like and pair it with a puzzle saver so that you can store it until your get together next! Alternatively, buy two of the same puzzle and see who can finish first (visit @springbok to learn how to host your own event or register to go to their annual puzzle event in Sherwood, Oregon!)

Visit the Online Puzzle Museum: The Puzzle Museum is an online catalog that represents nearly 140 years of continuous puzzle collecting by ten people. They don’t have a facility to store their massive collection – but for the history buffs – this would make a fun gift of spending the time together browsing the collection. They also sell some of their antique puzzles to help fund their website and collection.

Stay at the Puzzle Mansion Bed & Breakfast (Tagaytay City, Philippines): There is a lady that has built up quite the collection of puzzles, a World Guinness record holder in fact! Check out their Trip Adviser page for over 350 photos!

Visit the Ravensburger Museum (Ravensburger, Germany): Sponsor a visit to this museum, where they make excellent puzzles and are recognized worldwide as having some of the best and largest puzzles and other games.

Tangible Gifts

Unique Puzzles With A TwistAugmented Reality Puzzles that come to life on your phone! The What If Series of puzzles are funny twists where the puzzle is different from what is on the cover. Double-Sided puzzles (like the Talking Jigsaw Puzzle or The Sweet Shop) or No-Edge-Pieces are extra challenging! Puzzle Within A Puzzle  Color-Your-Own Puzzles give you a bonus activity once you are finished! Super miniature test-tube puzzles are fun for those that travel (but get a portable magnifying glass/light!). Unique Puzzle Piece Shapes puzzles are a nice change too – I especially love this Slacker Panda puzzle with triangle and panda shaped pieces! Or you can go with Uniquely Shaped Puzzles – like this Moose Shaped Puzzle – having no edge pieces may make some puzzlers hyperventilate.

No-Image Puzzles: If they are into puzzling for the challenge and not the pretty picture, then these are great puzzles to put them to test! There are ones that are all black, gold, silver or white for the ultimate challenge.  Gradient puzzles are really cool – especially the ones where each piece is a uniquely solid color, which is also great for puzzle-themed crafts!

Puzzles Within A Puzzle: For maze lovers – this Lost Puzzle diagonally cut jigsaw has a maze to solve! There are quite a few Crossword Puzzle Jigsaw Puzzles that you solve first to know how to put the puzzle together. For those that like mystery novels – then look for the Solve-A-Mystery puzzle where you look for clues in the pieces of the puzzle and don’t know what the final image will be!

For Those Who Would Love to Have a Puzzle-Themed Room or Love Hosting Puzzle-Themed Parties: These wood picture frames interlock with one another and they come in multiple colors to mix-and-match them up on the wall! Also, you can get a metal puzzle piece in cool rustic colors from an artist based out of Wisconsin! You can also get a solid wood puzzle mini-table that can interlock or separated with other sets to create new furniture (1 as a stool, three as a bench, or four or more as a children’s table!Puzzle pillows and Puzzle shaped cutting boards are great gifts too!

For Those Who Like To Wear and Show Their Love of Puzzles: Puzzle Jewelry (Handmade in Utah – a set of five custom puzzle pieces for necklaces or keychains – “It’s always better when we’re together”!), Puzzle Flip-Flops, Check out the Facebook Page of @Jubilee Jewels to support the Global Jigsaw Jubilee – they have shirts, jewelry and raffles!

For Puzzle Themed Christmas Ornaments: These are great wedding or anniversary gifts too!

For Those Who Are Crafty: Puzzle-themed craft supplies are fun for those are crafty or if you are a puzzle-lover wanting to make a personalized gift showcasing your love of puzzles (bath bombs, etc.)! The coolest item are the puzzle resin molds that allow you to make your own interlocking puzzle!

For Those That Do Puzzles With 1000+ Pieces: These are the super-puzzlers that love a challenge! Puzzle sorters are key to grouping by shapes or colors and will help them. Puzzle storage helps to save your marriage or not get angry at your cat/children. Frames and Puzzle savers allow them to display their finished puzzles!

For Those Looking for the Ultimate Challenge: The largest commercial puzzle as of 2016 is the Ravensburger Puzzle that contains 40,320 pieces and takes approximately 800 man hours to complete! It’s huge – the box weighs 43 pounds!!! It is Disney themed and has a hidden Mickey Mouse in each of the 10 panels that feature a Disney classic. It’s understandably pricey BUT would be talked about for ages. If you feel this is too big – you can consider the 18,000 Beach Scene Themed Puzzle, 32,000 New York Skyline33,600 Wildlife Themed Puzzle (19 feet long!!), or the 24,000 A-Little-Bit-of-Everything Themed Puzzle!

Fun Puzzle-Themed Cards and Announcements: Great cards to send or gift for any puzzle lover!

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