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Welcoming our newborn daughter and son home was made special by the thoughtful gifts our friends gave us to make that first moment of opening the door and the following (sleep deprived) months incredibly special for us. Be sure to check their registry first as a lot of time was spent in picking out the items that they love or truly need. The gifts below aren’t typically placed on a registry and would compliment a gift off their wish-list nicely!

Gifts of Time

A Welcome Bouquet of Flowers and a Card – Our friends surprised us with a bouquet of flowers from their garden and a little note directed to our daughter to welcome her home. Something so simple was so much appreciated. Bonus Points: place a card at special places around the home where lot’s of baby memories will be created (changing table, crib, nursing/reading chair, kitchen, etc.) with a little note and small related themed gift (diaper cream, swaddle, baby book, baby bottle, etc.).

Food. Food. Food.  This was by far the best gift, which was to have hot meals and freezer meals, as well as gift cards to restaurants that delivered. The time saved in not having to meal plan or cook – is time that can be spent with enjoying the new baby or getting much needed sleep. I use Taste of Home for freezer recipes.
Striped Baby Blanket - great gift idea - welcome a new baby home

Make Baby’s First Blanket – It’s so special wrapping your baby in something homemade with love. One tip is to have a pattern of wide stripes so that it can be used as a monthly growth blanket and another is to make it slightly larger than a typical baby blanket so that you don’t see the flooring behind it in photographs.  We love the one we have from Burt’s Bee Baby (pictured above) and is 46″x 37″, but it can easily be crafted as a DIY as shown by Cuddle Soft Quilts.

Gifter Grid Gift Ideas - Infinity Scarves








Make a Breastfeeding Infinity Scarf / Spit-Up Hider: I love these infinity scarves (I have two!). There are lots of DIY tutorials online such as at Rookie Moms – so that you can personalize the print of the fabric yourself. I have to say that the ones from Bebe au Lait have the perfect amount of stretch to turn into a headband to take on hikes as well – if you’d rather just buy one! Here is me with my little man!

Make a Baby Rompers, Dresses, Shoes, and Bibs out of Parents’ T-shirts or Work-shirts: These would make for a perfect gift and are so cute! Feather’s Flight and Sew Thrifty both have several patterns and tutorials for both boy and girl upcycle patterns for free and with tutorials! To get your hands on Mom’s or Dad’s old shirts – you can “offer” to do a clothing donation run on their behalf.

Give the Gift of Amazon Prime: There are so many perks to Prime Membership for new parents-a huge time and money saver! Here are all the reasons I loved having it in our first few months: Free 2-Day Shipping on over 50 million products is huge when you are trying to figure out what will help your baby sleep or what bottle/nipple combination will work and want it asap! Not having to run out to the store for things means more time spent with baby! Instant access to video streaming of movies/tv shows help provide entertainment for at-home date nights. Ad-free music streaming with so many stations that help put baby to sleep (and stay asleep)! There are other perks too, but these are what I found to be most helpful! Plus, you don’t even have to ask if they all ready have it or not – if they do, then your gift converts to an Amazon gift card! Click here to gift Amazon Prime or to Amazon Home Services. (If you are looking to start a registry for yourself – I would highly recommend Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry!)

Tangible Gifts

“In Case of Emergency” Disposable Camera – It sounds funny since so few people use them these days, but simply include a note to say “Use to Capture Special Moments in Case of Emergency, including but not limited to lost, broken or uncharged phones or no memory storage available”.
Teething Mittens: Need I say more?

Gifter Grid Perfect Gift Idea for Babies - baby rattle, wooden

Handcrafted Eco-friendly Baby Wooden Rattles and Teethers: I came across these while window-shopping and they are so cute! These are handcrafted by a couple based in Seattle and have so many designs: unicorns, guitars, hearts, foxes, moose, pugs, dachsund, lions, sharks, owls, dinosaurs, cats, bats, trains, angels and more!

Baby Shopping Cart Hammock: The struggle is real when it comes to grocery shopping with a baby as you are left with little room once a car seat is placed into the grocery cart. You can get 10% off by clicking here. A couple other alternatives are to use shopping cart straps to hold the car seat (don’t have to wake a sleeping baby) or to wear the baby (for those that like to be carried) with a moby wrap or carrier (we have the Infantino and love it).

A Momigan Nursing Cover: It’s a cute cardigan that doubles as a nursing cover! You just flip it over your head when you are needing to feed or provide shade for your baby!

Baby’s 1st Year Calendar: Most parent’s like myself will ask for a baby book in their registry, which often end up half filled out due to not having time! Gift this to the parents to be – it makes it easier to add-in when baby goes through their milestones.Hair-tie Bracelet: A cute gift just for mom! Between not having time to shower, getting spit-up on, the sweats when you skip a feeding and keeping hair out of baby’s fists- she’ll have her hair up quite a bit! Why not have a hair tie ready to go and to glam it up a bit?!

Mirari Pop! Pop! Piano Toy: I thought the same thing you are right now- this isn’t for babies. What I learned after Grandpa gifted this to us? Babies love the musical notes and place this by their feet once they can start kicking their feet  and they’ll love making the music themselves. My nearly 3 year old loves scrambling the colors and adults find it a lot of fun to get the colors to match up again.

Jolly Jumper Bath Apron: These are not your typical baby bath towel, which are tiny and you end up soaked afterwards. This is a towel apron mom or dad wears while bathing baby and then lifts the baby right to your body and wrap them up in the towel. Baby stays warm and you stay dry! Plus it let’s you get a bit more cuddling time together.TESTING

Super Portable Snap-On K’Boodle Diaper Bag: This is such a great idea – I hate lugging around my bulky diaper bag! Works by snapping on to your baby carrier, stroller or as an over-the-shoulder bag! It’s universally compatible with all soft-carriers! I especially like that it has a pocket for your keys and a loop for a water bottle.

Keekaroo Peanut Changer: This diaper changing pad was recommended by a friend that has twins as a must-have item as it is impermeable to fluids, doesn’t require extra covers or pads – you just have to wipe it down if a mess occurs. Super helpful with having to change so many diapers in those first few months.

Tactical Dad Diaper Bags and Carriers: These diaper bags are heavy duty and are designed really well to have everything you need super quickly - perfect for an active family and to recognize parents who have served! They offer military discounts as well!
Lalabu Dad and Mom Shirts to Easily Hold Newborn Baby: These shirts are simple - a pouch that holds baby without straps, velcro, wraps, knots, buttons or snaps!

Rock n' Play Sleeper: I had this for both of my kids and it was so nice to have as both loved sleeping in it (probably got more use than our bassinet actually!), is perfect for if your child has acid reflux or is sick so that they can sleep at a bit more of an incline and it worked perfectly for setting it up while you do things around the house so they can watch you.







An Additional Car Seat Base for Their Car Seat: A registry may have a car seat listed, but rarely will they include asking for an additional base for a second car. It is such an incredible time saver to be able to just click and go between cars. A lot of car seats have matching caddies or adapters for strollers as well that make for fabulous gifts - just make sure it is compatible with the car seat they have in mind!

Gift of Experiences

Gift them a Day or Night out for Their First Family Adventure: Look to see if there are any events or places that are within a 1-2 hour drive that they'd enjoy around the time baby is 2-3 months old. Ideally, gift an overnight stay at a place that has a crib (if they don't have a travel one like the Babybjörn Travel Crib Light (it's only 13lbs!)). It may be intimidating, but it will give them something to look forward to and will feel like a family's first adventure!

Buy a Day Pass to a Local Aquarium: The aquarium is nice because it will work no matter the weather, relaxing for the parents, places to sit throughout, usually have good family rooms and babies like the contrast of dark rooms and glowing aquariums. Usually kids are free up to 2 or 3 years of age - so you only need to buy it for the parents.

Treat Baby to a Day in the Water:  Floating baby spas seem to be a new upcoming trend - so keep an eye out for a place near you! So far I've been able to find only a few: Float Baby in Houston, TX, Baby Spa Luxe in Hong Kong, Baby Spa Perth in Australia - but note that you can gift your own baby floatie at Otteroo! You can also gift a day at the local pool or infant swim lessons for the family to enjoy.

Gift of Charity 

Donate to Baby's College Fund: This is a great gift as it will grow quietly over the years to something that everyone will come to appreciate. Parents may have an actual fund set up where you can donate directly to it or a savings account that they are working through.

An idea of how you can gift this is to place $1 bills into a light bulb jar vase with a note to say "A gift for a bright future" and how much you'd like to gift.

Save the Children: They believe every child deserves a future both within the US and worldwide - every day and when in crisis. Donating in baby's honor is a great way to start a lifetime of giving and to document it in their baby book.

Imagination Library: Dolly Pardon is the force behind this great program, which aims to provide more books to young children to encourage early childhood literacy across the world. You can donate or volunteer in starting up a local program. Parents can sign up to see if they are in an eligible location and to register to receive free books monthly that is appropriate for their kid's age by going to

...And For Kicks and Giggles!

(Mom's and Dad's favorite band likely has a lullaby version!!)

Here are my favorite specialty cards for this very occasion from Night Owl Paper Goods!

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