First let me start of by saying that I’m so excited to have you here and am sure you have a few questions to learn more about what this page is all about. I’m happy to help answer them! 

What is Gifter Grid?

It is a resource for various gift ideas based on a person’s interest.  This site was created out of frustration of searching for truly meaningful gifts online since most pages limit their filter options to gender and age, or when they do include interests the results typically don’t make sense for what you’ve selected after a click or two.

To learn more about Melissa and Josh, the husband and wife team behind Gifter Grid, please visit our About Us page!

What type of gifts do you suggest?

Each posting is created based on a person’s interests, hobby or favorite activity and we strive to list four different types of gifts, which are  gifts of time, charity and experiences, as well as tangible gifts.

Gifts of Time: Time is so precious and if you have time to spare in putting together a unique gift package or provide a gift that will gift someone else more time – both are truly appreciated. A few ideas of what you’ll see in Gifter Grid are how to make your own themed gifts, as well as, cards, cakes and decor. We also provide themed gift ideas that will provide someone else with more time so that they can spend more of their time doing what they love as well.

Tangible Gifts: This is what most people think of when getting a gift for someone and it’s always nice to be able to unwrap a gift that was specifically picked out with them in mind. We scour the web to find truly unique themed gifts that speak to someone’s interest regardless of their gender or age (there is a kid in all of us, after all)! We sort the recommended gifts on our site in order of cost and usually throw in an extreme gift that would be out of budget for most, however, these are the gifts that would be good as a group gift or as a gift that represents several events or years worth of gifting – in order to truly get them an amazing gift that they will love.

Gifts of Charity: Providing a donation to a charitable cause in your giftee’s name is quick and easy, especially when you have Gifter Grid to help provide some recommendations based on their interests on what causes may be of interest! Please know that we do our best to ensure these are legit sites, but it is ultimately your responsibility to fully vet out charities prior to making your donation.

Gifts of Experiences: These types of gifts are truly memorable and we provide ideas of what you can do locally but also feature the BEST PLACES IN THE WORLD that speak to the theme you are after. These are often times bucket list items and would make for an amazing adventure to do together or to sponsor for them to do on their own. These are fun to review as well – and you just may find an experience that you will want to add to your own bucket list!

Why do you provide expensive tangible gifts or experiences as suggestions?

A few reasons actually! One is that these make great group gifts where you have a number of people contributing to the gift. Another is because some people don’t do traditional gift giving in the sense of one small present per occasion, but one especially memorable gift every few years. Another reason is because it may be a gift that most people wouldn’t buy for themselves because of the cost even though they would love it, and is why again it would make for a great gift.

We hope you have fun browsing our site and we certainly would love to hear from you on your ideas for what we should add-in.