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I have always had a special place in my heart for sea turtles. One of my favorite memories is of my mom getting to see sea turtles right from the beach during one of our family vacations in Hawaii. The moment was extra special because she was in her 2nd year of battling lung cancer – she was initially given 3-6 months to live and she couldn’t walk across the room without getting winded in those early months; but here we were celebrating life and creating new memories due to a new chemo drug and her incredible will and determination to fight her cancer. She was overjoyed to see these two sea turtles swim so close to her and I will forever remember her excitement and her smile right at that moment she saw them in the water. This post is dedicated her as it has brought me so many smiles seeing how many cute and wonderful gifts there are for everyone that love sea turtles!

Gifts of Time

Make Them a Sea Turtle Themed Blanket: The picture above of this super-cute crochet blanket is available for purchase (click here for more info), but you can find a similar free pattern at @ravelry with bonus patterns and tips available with a donation. Check out my Pinterest Board for more Sea Turtle themed crafts and ideas!

Make Them a Sea Turtle Shaped Treat: These molds are perfect for edible treats like chocolate or to use with fondant to decorate a cake. You can also use these to make turtle shaped soaps or bath bombs! This mold has two quarter sized sea turtles if you click here.

Tangible Gifts

AniMails a Mail-Able Sea Turtle: Decorate and write your message directly on this turtle, add postage and drop off in the mail! A wonderful and unexpected surprise for your turtle loving friend that will guarantee a smile!

Inflatable Sea Turtles: Gift the ability for them to swim with sea turtles – haha! – but more seriously it’ll make time in the water so much fun! This large inflatable is huge at 9′ long!  For more gift ideas for those who love the water – click here!!

Nautical Sea Glass Leather Necklace: I don’t usually feature jewelry on my page, but this one is especially nice because anyone can wear it or use it to hang from their rear view mirror.

Take A-Long Beach Table: Here is a truly unique gift idea – it’s a way to carry your own table to the beach or to the park. It comes with a stake for your umbrella and provides a place to put your drinks, sunglasses and cell phones. The flippers of the turtle shape are cleverly designed to hold wine glasses!
Sea Turtle Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board: A great gift for those that have a passion for both sea turtles and spending time in their kitchen. You may also want to check out my post for aspiring cooks by clicking here.
Ocean Waves Simulator: It wouldn’t be surprising if they already have sea turtles and ocean themed decor and so this gift allows them to enhance their room even more with ocean waves. Add-in an ocean soundscape (seriously listen to the sample music) in the background and they’ll be in sea-turtle heaven.

Support a Local Artist or Commission Sea Turtle Art: This Hand Painted Small Sea Turtle Sculpture by John Perry in California is the featured art for this post! This little guy is life-sized and can be placed anywhere and would be perfect for a sea turtle lover’s office, craft space or anywhere else they would love to get their turtle fix. The shell is weighted so when it is tilted it rolls back into place – so it’s interactive as well!
Sea Turtle Friendship Keychain or Necklace: The ultimate unique gift is from NameCoins – based out of Missouri they make unique sea turtle charms that are cut from an actual coin! The pieces interlock together like a puzzle! They can even add in your initials on each side for an extra personalized touch.

Gift of Experience

Sea turtles have a life expectancy of 80-100 years, making them some of the longest-living creatures in the ocean – being able to see them in person is really quite special. Here is that special moment when my mom saw the sea turtle swimming near her during our visit to the Big Island in Hawaii! He spent several minutes snacking on algae off the rocks nearby and didn’t mind us one bit. I remember my mom saying that all the challenges of fighting through each day of chemotherapy was worth it for moments like these!

Seeing females lay their eggs or baby sea turtles make their way to the ocean would be incredibly special and is another bucket list item of mine! That is why I’ve added the best times to travel in the list below!  

Gift the Experience to See Sea Turtles! Here is a detailed list of the nine best places in the world to be able to see sea turtles @tripping. While you may not be able to fund a trip to these tropical destinations – it would a nice gesture to help with a portion of the expense or by covering the cost of a tour if they are heading to a destination that would have sea turtles! offers gift packages that can be used for experiences across the world and they have two years to use them. You can gift this Sea-Turtle Tour in Hawaii for Two People, but they can actually use your gift towards any other experience they want to put it towards.

  • Laniakea Beach, Hawaii – Known as Turtle Beach! Year-round viewing, but visit spring, summer and fall for best times to visit. The link will take you to a list of several Hawaiian hot spots!
  • Playa Grande, Costa Rica – Year-round viewing, but for the chance to see baby sea-turtles making their way to the water be sure to travel between October and March.
  • Coral Coast, Australia – Year-round viewing, but travel between November to April to increase your chances of seeing see sea turtles hatch at night at Cape Range National Park.
  • Oaxaca, Mexico – The world’s largest nesting site for Olive Ridley turtles. July is the best time to visit to watch females lay their eggs. Baby turtles hatch between August to October.
  • Tamarindo Beach, Puerto Rico – Peak nesting season is late April to early May, but a great place to be able to snorkel and swim with these creatures in their native habitat.
  • Gili Islands, Indonesia – Year round viewing, but as part of conversation efforts baby sea turtles are kept protected until they are healthy enough to be released into the sea.
  • Perhentian Islands, Malaysia – July is the best time to travel, because you can actually volunteer to monitor the turtle’s sizes and number of eggs laid!! Read more about these volunteer opportunities here!
  • Turtle Islands, Philippines – Only a certain number of people are allowed to go each year in an effort to protect the habitat of the green and hawksbill sea turtles. It’s a trek to get to this island, but you can see turtles year round and most especially in July. The link will showcase five additional islands in the Philippines to visit as well.
  • San Cristobal Island/Galapagos Islands, Ecuador – January is the best time to see sea turtles lay their eggs, which hatch starting in April and continuing into May.

Gift of Charity

Did you know that all sea turtles, with the exception of the flatback sea turtle in Australia, are endangered?! So it’s especially important to ensure we take care of their natural habitat. These organizations will help with just that!

Purchase a Bracelet @DevotedtotheOcean: 20% of net profits go towards sea turtle research and conservation by giving these funds to the FAU Marine Research Lab at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center and the amazing nonprofit organization – Friends of Gumbo Limbo. It is programs such as these that have been instrumental in saving the lives of thousands of vulnerable sea turtles.

Adopt a Sea Turtle or a Hatchling @GumboLimbo: The donation made towards adopting a sea turtle through Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, which is located in Florida, will go directly towards funding of the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility, providing critical medication, tank maintenance, food and veterinary care. You’ll get an adoption gift certificate, a picture of your adopted turtle, a magnetic decal and small stuffed plush toy!

Make a Monthly Donation By making a monthly donation in someone’s name they will get a sea-turtle themed reusable bag, certificate and plush toy. Your gift goes towards protecting wildlife and wild places around the world.

Make a Donation to Donations made go directly to the conservation of the Hawksbill Sea Turtle! They also accept donations of used office supplies, cameras and GPS units to use in their research!

…and for Kicks and Giggles

Just click the pic for anything that catches your interest to get more information!

…and one more thing – how is there not a turtle-themed turtleneck shirt available anywhere? 😀

…or for beer drinkers – check out these sea turtle pint glasses by clicking here! Check out our beer-themed gift ideas post as well

A sea-turtle themed dog collar! If this catches your interest, then check out our dog-themed gift ideas post by clicking here!

4D Sea Turtle Puzzle

Hidden Compartment Sea Turtle Box!

Huge Gummy Lollipop – Green Apple and Grape Flavored!

If your sea turtle loving friend has a baby on the way, then check out my gift ideas page for welcoming a new baby home!

Tea Infuser!

A Glass Turtle Charm that has glow-in-the-dark sand! If this caught your interest then check out our glow-in-the-dark themed gift ideas post too!

...and if you are looking for even more sea-turtle themed gift ideas, check out for 1000s of fun and cute sea turtle themed gifts by clicking here! Everything from blankets, clothing, tumblers, phone and computer decals.... pretty much if you can think of it - you'll find it!

Also, check out for sea turtle-themed planners, calendars, toys and puzzles!

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