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What makes a great gift for someone’s kitchen? It depends on who you are asking! Perhaps it is to have a more organized kitchen, or it may be to have a gadget that makes cooking or baking easier, or maybe it is simply to have more decor that compliments their style … whatever it may be – I’m sure you’ll find something below that will catch their interests!

Gifts of Time

Offer to Help Cook For or With Them: Maybe there is a certain time intensive or intimidating recipe they’d like to try out and it’d be nice to have a helping hand – or – maybe they don’t have enough time in the day and it’d be helpful to have someone do a week’s worth of meal preps.

Make Kitchen Themed Art or Kitchen Towels with Fruit and Vegetable Stamps: You can make framed art, gift wrap, cards or even the kitchen towels above with paint and cut fruit for unique patterns. Cut lettuce, celery or bok choy makes for a nice rose-like pattern, cut okra looks like a daisy-like pattern, bell peppers are three or four leaf clovers, cauliflower or broccoli look like coral, and so on. You can also cut-out your own pattern into a potato to make your own design!

Make a Margaret Dorfman inspired Vegetable Art Parchment Bowl: These are gorgeous and there aren’t too many how-to guides on the internet on how to create these- so this is a truly unique gift! I found a guide on that gives a basic outline of steps, but if all else fails you can go to Margaret Dorman’s website to purchase one of her amazing pieces!

Margaret Dorfman, vegetable, fruit parchment bowls
Photo courtesy of Matthew Farruggio via Margaret Dorfman.

Click to see the saved pins I have on my Kitchen Themed Gifts Pinterest board for quick inspiration on these and other ideas!

Tangible Gifts

Metal Soap Bar: This is great for those that cook with a lot of garlic, onions or fish, but don’t want their hands to smell. I don’t know how it works exactly – but they work really great!


GRIPSTIC: Not very many people know of these little wonders, but I was gifted a pair and they are so much better than bag clips or rubber bands – as they make a seal across the entire bag and are so easy to use.
Toaster Sandwich Bags: They don’t look like much – but the thought of having mess (and butter) free toasted cheese sandwiches with your toaster certainly caught my attention!

EVA Solo Stainless Grating Bucket: I thought this was genius – it’s your typical food grater but in bucket form – so that it collects everything your grating. A great gift for someone who doesn’t like the mess of cooking.

Adjustable Rolling Pin Removable Rings: This will help take the guess work on how thick or wide your dough is as there is a built in ruler and guide rings to help make your rolled out dough perfect.

Copper Heat Diffuser: Place these on your stove to allow for even heat distribution – for less time stirring while cooking. Thick sauces, rice and beans are less likely to burn and stick to the bottom and you can use it to defrost items as well!

AirFryer: This was suggested by one of my Buy Nothing friends and is on her wishlist, which allows  favorite fried foods to be made with only a tablespoon of oil. No mess, no smell and easy clean-up as the components are dishwasher safe!

Gift of Experience

Gift them a Cooking Class or Cooking Course: Perhaps they are wanting to learn the basics or a new technique, such as making truffles or how to properly sous-vide. A group of friends and I did a chocolate truffle making class together and we learned so much about chocolate and had a lot of fun getting our hands dirty – we even got to take a dozen or so truffles home. If you are looking for extra amazing gift bonus points – contact their favorite restaurant or chef to see if you can get a private cooking class or to let them observe them in action in the kitchen!

Host a Dinner Party with a Private Chef to Cook Dinner in Their Home: No need to worry about traffic or parking with this gift! Hire a chef to plan out a dinner and cook it for them right in their own home or host a truly private dinner party in their honor. Big City Chefs and Chef O’ Dex are two of many places to get started to find out what options are near you.

Gift of Charity

There are so many charities and organizations that aim to end hunger and these are only a few options to help get you started! It is your responsibility to ensure the validity of these websites prior to making a donation.

Support Your Local Food Bank: Feeding America has a directory of how to find your local food bank or you can make a gift directly online. You could also look at volunteering together as well. Feeding America is the largest domestic hunger-relief organization aimed at ensuring adults and children get nourshing meals to end hunger.

Meals on Wheels / America: This charity  delivers meals to seniors or individuals with disabilities right to their own homes if they are unable to purchase or prepare their own meals.

The Hunger Project: A global effort to empower change and end hunger, poverty, disease and inequality through a more strategic, innovative and holistic approach. Their foundation of making change is to empower women as key change agents, mobilize communities for self-reliant action, and foster effective partnerships with local government.

…and lastly, here are some of my favorite food-themed specialty cards and pins!

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